We are interested in improving the quality of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) on language pairs that lack sizable parallel corpora, in settings where pivoting through a third language is not an option. We will explore two strategies in parallel:
  • Learning the translation relation from monolingual corpora by bootstrapping from a small parallel corpus or dictionary.
  • Developing NMT architectures capable of exploiting the linguistic knowledge expressed in richly annotated corpora.

See our research statement for more details.

JSALT 2017 MT Team

Our Team

Senior Members

Colin Cherry. NRC Canada
George Foster. Google Research
Reza Haffari. Monash
Patrick Littell. CMU
David Mortensen. CMU


Graduate Students

Daniel Beck. Melbourne
Anna Currey. Edinburgh
Vu (Cong Duy) Hoang. Melbourne
Gaurav Kumar. JHU


Undergraduate Students

Dylan Lewis. JHU
Ji Xin. Tsinghua


Affiliate Members

Michael Denkowski. Amazon
Kevin Duh. JHU
Deepak Gopinath. Facebook
Philipp Koehn. JHU
Felix Hieber. Amazon